Ethereal Pages

Ethereal Pages is the fictional writings and poetry of the artists of The Solanaceae Artist Collective.

I'm afraid we write assuming you are smart, but don't worry it's still all very easy for you to understand, we don't do anything too terribly difficult. Or boring.

I don't understand how you can read a story or watch a movie that's stupid. It's fun? You're having fun? You don't want to have to think? No, you can watch a simple story with a lot of action and pretty images without it being stupid. No. No there's no need for stupid.

It's okay because it makes fun of itself in it's stupidness? Then what is it even doing? I can make fun of my stupidness too I don't need to make you watch a fucking two hour movie of me doing it. How can that possibly keep you entertained? If you're sitting there at your computer writing going "This is so fucking stupid and ridiculous" I'm all "Don't fucking show us this, nobody needs to see this, hide your shame."

There is no need for stupid. We can have action and smart. We can have funny and smart.

We all basically write very succinctly. Every line of dialogue advances the plot or the characters or does something pretty. We don't do "See? These are real people acting like normal people." Which I don't mean to belittle, though I don't know how to communicate something we don't do without belittling it. We just don't do it our brains don't want us to do it.

Here is our work. This is not everything we have written, this is just what we consider our masterpieces. They will be rewritten and enhanced over and over. The views expressed in these stories are not necessarily the views of it's author.

Kit Carruthers
.: Kill, Teach! (Drama/Crime, 2015, )
.: Until Absolute Perfection is Achieved I (Action/Science Fiction, 2016)
.: Until Absolute Perfection is Achieved II (Action/Science Fiction, 2017)
.: It's Gotta be Something, Forever (Drama/Romance, 2020)
.: Die on My Feet (Western, 2022)
.: The Dark Embrace of Phenethylamine (Drama/Romance, 2022)
.: A Dangerous Fantasy (Gore/Erotic/Crime, 2016)
.: Age of Harmony [or Dances with Dark Forces] (Science Fiction, 2022)
.: Chosen (Western, 2020)
.: Scotty Harrison (Drama/Music, 2022)
.: The Basement (Drama, 2015)
.: Snowblind (Adventure, 2015)