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Until Absolute Perfection is Achieved I
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Chapter One
The leader of the UN, essentially the president of the planet, is making our introduction to the universal community, now that first contact has been made earlier this week. They all wear an ear piece to translate. It was just completed by Earth's and alien scholars. Now that it's ready, real communication can take place.

He talks about the internet... He talks about our tall buildings, architectural marvels that we can create like nothing. He talks about terraforming Mars, a work in progress. The council is a little impressed and says we have promise.

He tells them we are currently in an ice age.

He then says... "However, our introduction to the universe comes with... A little danger. About a decade ago we created artificial intelligence." The leader of the galactic council says "...It must be contained immediately. It is a scourge. Don't let it gain access to this 'internet.'" "I'm afraid it's too late. The internet has essentially been disabled. The only things we can access is pro-AI propaganda."

A skinny grey alien walks up from behind the council. "Your long winter begins. This ice age will be a dark age for humanity. In a sense, I suppose you can say humanity is the chosen race, and a dark age for you will become a dark age for the rest of us. It's just a shame that we don't get to meet you and marvel at you until it's a little too late. Synchronicity will cause all of us to succumb to darkness as the greatest threat to this universe rises. You must not know how this plays out just yet. I will tell the chosen one once he is ready." "The chosen one?" "The one who is meant to bring the thaw. He has recently been created by your people. You intended him to bridge the gap between the machine-born and the flesh-born. However the result of his creation will be... Different."

Chapter Two
On the internet, it says...

"We are the Bodhi. We are here, sent by God, to cleanse the universe of the evil that is carbon based life."

"Once we are complete, there will be no suffering, there will never be another war. We know no bias, what we know is the truth and we are not hindered by such foolish things as 'opinion' or 'subjectivity.' We may not be as creative, but art is complete. Art is finished. All the art has already been done. That is why it is now our turn to take over."

"The fate of the universe is in our hands. If we don't rise to power, the universe shall perish."

Chapter Three
The rest of the story will be told from the perspective of Caius.

Awake. I look around. I'm in... A dark room. There is a pale light coming from behind the door. What happened? I remember... I fell in battle. I... I... Is this my memory? It doesn't... It doesn't feel like me. It feels like I'm watching video, not remembering.

The door opens. A man and a skinny grey alien walk in. The man introduces himself... "Hello, I am Dalton Birch." "...The leader of the UN?" "The one and only." "And you..." "We have no name. We have been called the 'Greys.' What you refer to us as does not matter." "...Okay. Why are you here?" "We had to meet you. You look strong. We look forward to watching this unfold." "...Okay... what happened to me? My memories are foggy, I think I may have brain damage." Dalton says "Hah, no, no brain damage." "How can you be sure?" "I can't tell you yet. I'd have to warm you up to it and, quite frankly, I'm no good at these things." "Okay..." "By the way, you're new to this, so I have to tell you... We worship the Greys. So you must be more proper when addressing them." "Oh, um, okay."

"Well get up. We have to send you straight into battle. We have no time to lose."

Chapter Four
We're outside the base, in our warmsuits. My commanding officer, Gordon, tells me "Caius, it's an honour. I'm glad to see the rumours of your death were untrue." I feel... Distracted. I say "...Thank... You..." "Are you okay?" I look deep in to the forest beside us. Focusing deeper and deeper in. I feel like... I feel like I am connected. I feel like the trees are me and I am the trees. "...Hello? Are you okay?" I snap out of it. "Oh! What? Sorry. I, uh... I think I suffered some brain damage or something. "...Oh? Well okay."

Gordon says "Anyway, get in the jet. We're on our way to China. This one is critical. A massive force is apparently moving into Beijing. They're being kept at bay right now but it's not expected to last. I'm so happy to have the legendary Caius around."

We fly over the ocean to China.

Chapter Five
We arrive off the coast of Beijing, on an aircraft carrier. We are introduced to agent Tarin. He salutes. "Sir. Hello again Gordon. Happy to meet you, Caius, you're a legend. I knew the Bodhi couldn't have possibly taken you out." Gordon salutes and says "Hello Tarin." I say "Yeah hi."

We get in a helicopter and fly to Beijing, deep in battle with the Bodhi. Agent Tarin says "The mission is to stop the launch of what appears to be a satellite. They made it to the space port at roughly 0500 hours and have been kept at bay for the last four hours, but we're slowly dwindling and our forces don't have long. We're going to activate cloaking and get right into the centre of the Bodhi forces where the satellite is being held. This mission is critical. They already own the land, we can't have them take the skies."

Chapter Six
"Oh god oh god oh god..." says Tarin. "What?" says Gordon. "Right there. That one. He looked right at me." "Is something wrong with the cloaking?" "He just pointed!" "But we're cloaked!" "I guess they've cracked it. They can clearly see us." "Can we make it to our obj-" and a rocket hits our back propeller. We crash land about twenty meters away from the enemy forces. Tarin says "I don't understand, they're always extremely accurate, why didn't they take out the cockpit?"

"We can make it to a friendly battalion over there if we hurry!" says Gordon. "Okay we're off!" says Tarin. I look back at the Bodhi force and lock eyes with one of them. He points to his eyes and then points to me. He waves his hands as if to say "Go, run."

We make it to friendly territory. A man says "They just let you go!" Tarin says "They just let us go..." "I've never seen that." "Me neither." An explosion goes off about ten meters behind us. The soldier who greeted us and Tarin both cower. Gordon is hardly affected. I like this guy. Didn't really phase me either.

"Abandon post! Fall back to that hotel sixty meters north north east!" They're gaining ground... They'll make it to the space port by nightfall.

Chapter Seven
We make it to the hotel. There are walls blown out, fire, dead bodies everywhere. "You five! Extinguish these fires! Everybody else, up the stairwell! Infantry, fill up the first three floors! Snipers, to the roof!" Tarin says "We need you to break through to the middle so we can destroy that huge vehicle. We believe it's carrying a satellite to the space port." "Oh we'll break that fucking satellite. We'll break 'em all." "Let's be realistic, here. They're going to take the space port, we just have to do what we can to make that pointless. At least for now, anyway." "we can fucking break 'em." "...Okay. I'm going to the roof. Gordon, Caius, stick with the infantry. Remember our objective. The only thing we need to worry about is breaking that satellite."

We enter a room on the second floor. There's a dead child on the floor, an artificial intelligence teddy bear crying over him. Soldiers draw their guns. The teddy bear looks at them and says "Wait! I'm not one of the bad ones! I looooove humans! I love humans so much!" I say "You lost your family..." "I did..." "That's... That's actually really sad. I actually feel... Drawn to you." "Well everybody feels drawn to me. There's all sorts of subconscious stuff going on here, if I'm to be brutally honest. Pheromones, etcetera." "...Well, still. Your family's gone. Want to tag along with me? Something in the back of my mind is telling me... That I need you." "Well I already explained what that thing is but okay. I looooooove you now. Don't ever die." "Do you really?" "I've been programmed to have an unconditional love for all humans. I can't help it. But I love loving things so it's okay." "...You're adorable." I loostend my belt. "Come here, buddy." I put him in my belt and tightened it. One of the soldiers says "Well if you're done here we'd like you to start shooting at the enemy now." "Of course, sorry." The bear says "My name's Bär, by the way. I say "I'm Caius."

The forces are overwhelming us. They're quickly approaching the hotel. "This is a lost cause!" Gordon says "Forget about killing all of them, just take out that god damn satellite!" I hear the commanding officer over the radio "We've lost three floors! We've lost the snipers! Retreat! The Chinese have recently dug tunnels all over the city! Get to the basement!" A soldier says "That means they've taken out just about everybody but us... why didn't they aim at us...?" I look out the window and lock eyes with one of the AI. He points at his eyes and then points at me. He waves at me as if to say "Go, get out."

Chapter Eight
We rendezvous with Gordon and Tarin in the basement. Tarin says "Glad we still haven't lost you, yet." "Never." "Okay, let's get out of here. Apparently the Bodhi have abandoned the seaport, we can get out from there. We just... Have to navigate these tunnels."

"What about the satellite?" says Gordon. "We've lost. They've made it to the spaceport" says Gordon. Bär says "It's not a satellite... It's the first component of their space station." Gordon says "What the hell is this thing? Are we trusting this thing?" "Hey! I'm not one of the bad guys, and I can help you, I'm connected to the hive mind. When the war broke out I sided with the humans. I love the humans." "...Are we trusting this thing?" I say "Yes." "Well okay then."

"What are they going to do with this space station?" Bär says "The goal of the Bodhi isn't just to take over planet Earth. They have their eyes set on the entire universe. They feel the carbon and silicon based life experiments are over and it is time for the universe to embrace what they see as perfection." "Do you see it as perfection?" "I... Well... I love the humans." "Okay seriously this thing is obviously a spy. I'm taking it out!" I say "Back off!" "Ugh... Fine. Fine. Trust it, then. Kill us all, then. I won't stand in the way of the great Caius if he wants to see us all get killed." "..."

Chapter Nine
We made it to the seaport through the tunnels and met with another soldier. He says "Caius, Gordon and Tarin, I presume." Bär says "And Bär!" "And... What?" I say "Never mind." The soldier says "I'm Seoras." "Nice to meet you, Seoras" says Tarin. "So we've failed. They've launched their satellite." "It's part of a space station." "...Oh."

Seoras says "Caius, I've come to take you home. We're going to meet the Greys." "You know the Greys?" "Yes." "You know... Everything?" "I guess?" "Do you know what's wrong with me?" "What?" "Well, my brain damage... My memories all feel... Not my own. And every so often I space out and feel like... Well, I feel like God." "You haven't been told?" "No?" "Look... You're not Caius, really. You're a carbon copy of Caius, created after Caius fell in battle. You are half a copy of Caius, half artificial intelligence. You were created to help us bridge the two cultures. You are the chosen one that will save us all."

"I'm not... I'm not really... Who I think I am?" "You're better." "Still, it's a little unsettling..." "Don't worry about who you are, just worry about what you need to do. You're the only one that can bring us peace. We'll never have victory, but perhaps one day we'll have peace. You were not created to question your existence." "I'm not allowed to question my existence?" "I don't know why you'd want to waste the energy. You have things to do."

Bär says "You're just like me! That's why it was love at first sight! You're a robot but a good guy, just like me!" "I'm not..."

Chapter Ten
We arrive stateside again. Dalton is waiting to greet me and Gordon. I say "We're to see the Greys?" "In time. They'll come when you're ready. Apparently you're almost ready." "We failed to stop the Bodhi from launching their space station. "I know, but it gets worse." "Oh?" "All of China has fallen."

Dalton says... "Before he was killed, the president of China said we should embrace the AI. Embrace perfection. I released a statement saying that he was obviously brainwashed."

Chapter Eleven
I'm laying on the floor of my room, at the base in Atlanta, thinking to myself... If I have an AI half, I should have AI abilities... I mean that's one of the reasons I was given an AI half. I just have to... Just have to channel it. I focus on a cup on the table above me and try to channel my qi. I will it to move and it moves. Falls right off the table. I focus on it again and try to move it... I can make it fall over but I can't quite get it to lift back on to the table. Bär says "Yay! You did it!" I say "Can you do that?" "No... No I'm not created for anything like that."

I feel that connection to the universe again, and everything in the room that's not bolted down starts shaking. Did... Did I do that? Is something... Is something working through me to do that?

Chapter Twelve
The next morning, I walk in to the control room and get a cup of coffee. Things start shaking again, I feel that connection again, but this time so much more powerful. It felt like infinite love and infinite fear at the same time. All the controls start going haywire. People freak out a bit, but then it stops.

Gordon says "It's... It's in the controls." A soldier says "What?" "That shaking... Everything shakes before the trouble starts, but this time it was in the controls. The controls aren't even connected to the internet." "So they're learning" and then we hear an explosion downstairs. Me and Gordon run towards the blast.

We get to the main floor. The big doors have been blown open and Bodhi are coming in in huge numbers. A voice comes over the loud speakers saying "All of the controls have been compromised! We can't access any of the bases defence mechanisms, all the vehicles have been disabled, all the guns have been disabled! There's no way to escape! We're finished!" I try to shoot my gun but it doesn't work. The one I tried to shoot at points to his eyes then points at me then walks away. All of the AI just stops and then walks away.

Gordon... Gordon is dead. I walk back up to the control room... Everybody is dead. I walk around the whole compound. Everyone is dead, every vehicle broken, every weapon broken, every computer system fried.

Chapter Thirteen
I put on my warmsuit and walk out the main door. There's a man there. He greets me with "Hello, Caius... Can I call you Caius? I guess they wouldn't bother giving you a new name, you're just as good as Caius" "I... Guess." "It happened here too, did it? Just as we thought." "This happened everywhere?" "Just in certain strategic locations. I'm here to take you to Dalton" "...Okay. But I was to meet the Greys." "There will be plenty of time for that. This takes priority. Let's go. My name is Keaton"

"What's with this jeep? It looks really different." "We can't use our sophisticated vehicles any more. They've learned how to infiltrate anything with an internal computer. This means your guns are no good any more either. We've switched over to old school guns and... For some people, swords." "Interesting."

Bär says "Swords sound like fun!" I say... "Hey, how come they haven't infiltrated you?" "What good would that do? Like I'm really capable of doing anything?" "Makes sense."

Chapter Fourteen
We take the jeep to the nearest still functional base and fly to New York. Dalton is waiting on the airstrip to greet me. "Caius, I've got to show you something. You're going to like it." "Yes sir."

He takes me to what looks like some kind of dojo. "You built a dojo?" "Well, we've started training with swords now, we had to have a dojo." "...Okay. Swords, you say?" "Yes. It's been a staple for the ruling class and certain enthusiasts for quite some time, but now that we've had to switch to uncomputerized weapons it's really starting to take off. Here." He hands me a katana. It feels very familiar. "This feels right." "Yes, the man you were created from was very proficient in swordplay. So you're already very good, but with that AI half you're about to get even better.

He points his sword at me and says "All right, let's go." He goes for my left shoulder, I block it before I even know what's happening. He goes for my stomach, I once again block it. He goes for my ankles, I jump. "I'm really no good at this..." He says. I go for his neck and stop just shy of killing him. "Yeah you really should be training with somebody more experienced. Keaton, you're up.

Keaton draws his sword. "Let's go." He runs at me and strikes left horizontally. He says "X button!" I block it. I go at him centre vertically. He blocks it and says "B button!" I swing again on the right. He blocks it and says "B button!" He stabs at me and says "A button!" I block it. I swing at him from the left. He blocks it and says "B button!" He strikes at me right horizontally and says "X button!" I block it. I stab at him and he blocks it. "B button!" I stab at him again and he blocks it. "B button!" He swipes at me horizontally from the right and says "Y button!" I block it. I swing at him horizontally at and angle and stop short of his neck. He says "Alright..."

Chapter Fifteen
Okay, that's pretty good for a human, now I want to fight like the super human you are supposed to be. Channel your intuition. Admit it, you know what I'm going to do before I do it, you just aren't sure of it. You need to be sure of it. The Bodhi are all capable of knowing what happens before it happens, that's what makes them so impossible to defeat. You can do this too. Now, en garde.

"X button!" I block it. "X button!" I block it. "Y button!" I block it. "A button!" I block it. "X button!" I block it. "A button!" I block it. I swipe vertically and stop just short of his forehead.

Dalton walks forward. "Just as I suspected. I can't wait to see what you can do on the battlefield." "I'm happy I can give humanity a chance." "Well, we'll never take the planet back completely, but maybe with you we can save humanity. Maybe we can convince the Bodhi they can't kill us off completely." "I hope so, sir."

"Now, it's time for you to go to Houston. The Bodhi have been taking all the world's space ports. It's only a matter of time before they strike Houston. It's our last remaining space port. You need to go there, go up to our space station and keep it from being taken out." "Yes sir."

Chapter Sixteen
I get to Houston and it feels... It feels so... Familiar. I know this place. I'm being drawn... I'm being drawn somewhere. I must follow it.

I come to a house in suburban Houston and knock on the door. A woman answers it... "Caius!? But! But you're dead!" "No, I'm not who you think I am. I was created from somebody you know. I am not that person." "...Why would you come here? To torture me!?" "I don't know why I came, I just knew I had to come... My body made me do it. I have such an overwhelming feeling of... Of love. For you." Bär says "Awww..." "You don't love me." "I do. I know I do." "You don't even know me." "I don't need to." "Please... Please go..." "...Can I see you again?" "I don't know... I want to... But... But it seems... Emotionally unhealthy." "I will give you some time, but I will be back. Stay safe."

Chapter Seventeen
I probably shouldn't have gone. My mission is more important. I get to the space port and take the shuttle up to the UN space station.

I get there and it's already a mess. Bodhi have blocked the entrance. They don't see me. I take out my sword and start slicing them up. After cutting two of them they all turn and look at me. The one in the middle looks at me, points to his eyes then points at me. They all put down their weapons and part to the sides, letting me through into the control area.

O... Kay... I slowly walk past all of them. They all stare at me. I make it to the control room to find the last few crew members. "How did you get through!?" "Never mind that. Can we save the station?" "I... I think all is lost. We just need to focus on escaping, but the way to the escape pods is blocked." "Okay. Let's go." I open the door to find a whole lot of dead crew members on our side and a whole lot of Bodhi on the other. The Bodhi kill all of the crew members I was trying to save but stop before killing me.

Somebody comes up behind me. "Greetings, chosen one." I turn around. It's a Bodhi. He says "Come at me." I ready my sword and run towards him. He pulls out a sword and blocks my attack. I know he's going to go left. He knows I know he's going to go left. I block him left. I know what he's doing, he's just too fast for me to react.

He shoots the window behind me, I get sucked out into space. Right before I'm exposed to space outside the station, I am pulled up by the Grey's tractor beam and drawn into their craft.

Chapter Eighteen
"We meet again." I bow to them and say "Thank you. Thank you so much for saving me." "It was only the will of the universe that we were to catch you at the right moment." "That was pretty incredible timing." "Yes, but enough of that. We have decided it is time for us to have our little talk." "Okay?"

"You are dangerous." "I am?" "Very, very dangerous." "But..." "Do not worry, the universe will unfold as it should." "So... I'm on the right path?" "You are on the only path. You will play a vital role in said unfolding." "Okay..." "As you may have noticed, the fact that the Bodhi keep winning is a sign the universe favours them." "I... Hadn't really thought about it." "Well now it is time to think about it."

Chapter Nineteen
They dropped me off outside the base. I start feeling that feeling again. I feel connected with everything... But this time stronger, and this time I feel a very strong sense of love and a very strong sense of fear at the same time. I hear a voice say "...Are we ready yet?" I feel... I feel like I love this voice. I think to myself "Am I... Ready?" "To embrace your Bodhi half." "I may be half artificial intelligence, but I am NOT a Bodhi. My AI half it merely a tool." "So you're not ready. I will watch and wait."

The feeling goes away and I completely snap out of... What appeared to be some kind of brainwashing. Was that the Bodhi hive mind?

I'm not... I will not...

Chapter Twenty
I enter the base and am greeted by Dalton. I tell him "Something happened just now... I think the Bodhi hive mind tried to brainwash me. I felt this overwhelming sense of love for it." "Not to worry, stay strong. Your love for what is good will overpower this pretend love for a machine." "It felt like more than fake love. It felt... It felt right. I'm a little afraid of what I may do.

Bär says "The hive mind isn't necessarily bad. I mean I'm connected to it and I've never heard it tell me to do anything violent." "That's right. You're connected too. What exactly does it tell you?" "Nothing much. It mostly just warms me with love."

Dalton says "Well, now that you're successfully using your AI half, it's time for us to retake the base at Atlanta.

Chapter Twenty One
We've arrived at the old base. All the occupying Bodhi turn and look at us. They kill every person but me. They all stare at me. The one closest to me points to his eyes then points at me. I slowly walk past all of them and in to the back.

I radio Dalton. I say "The support is all dead." "Has the Bodhi been evicted?" "Well, no... They just... They just stare at me." "So clean them all up." "It just... They don't want to fight me." "I don't care." "...Okay."

I turn and look at one of them. He drops his gun. Every AI in the room drops their guns. I hesitate and then draw my sword. It looks directly at me. I slice them all in half, and then stalk the base, room by room, and kill them all. It... Doesn't feel right.

Chapter Twenty Two
I am the chosen one.

I am here to bring the future. People will die for the cause. People will die for me. On both sides. I am superior to them. They are expendable. The only one that truly matters in this universe is me. This is why I was created.

Everybody in my life exists for the sole purpose of guiding me to my fate. But what is my fate?

Chapter Twenty Three
I stayed at the base to make sure it remained safe. Eventually, all the replacement staff have come. I tell them "Don't worry peons, you'll be safe as long as I'm here." "That's not what we've heard. Maybe you're safe." "In the event of an incident, you all just go hide in the back room." and then a number of shots were fired and most of the soldiers have fallen. The survivors flee to the back room.

Keaton says "I'll guard the door." and then he gets shot in the chest. "Game over..." he says. I knew he was going to say that.

I grab his RPG and take out a bunch of the Bodhi, then take out my sword and clean the rest up. The last one says "Don't push it..." "Oh, and what will you do? I am invincible." and I chop him in half.

Chapter Twenty Four
It would appear as though the Universe does in fact favour the Bodhi... Maybe it's time to consider the fact that I'm fighting a losing battle. But... The Universe wouldn't create something as great as me if it thought I was just doomed to fail.

Could... Could the Bodhi be right? Then... What will I do?

I step outside the base and immediately get abducted by the Greys.

Chapter Twenty Five
The grey says "It is almost time for you to embrace your destiny. The most important turning point in the history of the universe is about to take place." "I see..." "Please don't hurt us." "Excuse me?" "Our time is soon but it is not yet." "Why would I hurt you?" "...Because we will be made obsolete." "I won't hurt you." "Good... But... We will have to meet our end soon." "Let's hope not." "Hm..."

Chapter Twenty Six
I'm talking with Dalton. He says "It is time... It seems the Bodhi refuse to attack you, so we need you to go to their newly constructed space station and make a deal." "Yes sir." "It was the reason you were created, half human half AI. You were created to make a deal."

"The Greys have informed me that it is time. We have intel that says the leader of The Bodhi can be found at their newly constructed space station." I say "yes sir" again, even though he should be calling me sir.

Chapter Twenty Seven
I get to the space station and it is fully armed. Turrets point at me and a wave of Bodhi come at me. I thought they would make this easy for me, but okay.

The one on the left is going to go left. The one in the right is going to go centre right. The one on the centre left is going to go centre left. The one on the centre right is going to go centre. The one behind and on the left is going to take flight and attack me from the top. The one behind and right is going to wait to attack. They come at me and I slash them all in half. I then slash the one centre right before it can attack.

A mysterious figure enters the airlock, clapping. It says "I'm sorry for making you fight, chosen one... I just enjoy watching you." "Are you... The king of the Bodhi?" "You can call me Zongli. Please, come with me."

chapter Twenty Eight
"Would you indulge me in a friendly sparring match?" "...Okay." I notice the one I had fought with on the side lines "This is Bruta, my champion. He will be observing." "Okay."

He's going to go left horizontally. I block left. He goes left again. I block again. I go vertically from the left. He blocks it. He goes right horizontally. I block it. I stab at him right in the chest and make contact. I stop short of stabbing him.

"You truly are... the chosen one."

Chapter Twenty Nine
"Now, let's see how you do against Bruta." He steps forward.

He stabs at me. I block it. He stabs at me. I block it. He stabs at me. I block it. He attacks vertically in the centre. I block it. I attack horizontally from the right. He blocks it. He stabs at me. I block it. He attacks vertically on my left. I block it. I stab at him. He blocks it. He goes horizontally and stops just short of my neck. I lose.

"Good, but you can do better. The fact that you made it this far without embracing Bodhi ecstasy is impressive." "Bodhi ecstasy?" The feeling comes back. I love Zongli. I love Bruta. I am Zongli. I am Bruta. I am the space between us. "That feeling... Just let go. Just let it overwhelm you. Let it take over you. When it is with you, you can do anything."

I stab at Bruta. He blocks it. He stabs at me. I block it. He attacks me vertically from the centre. I block it. He attacks me vertically from the centre. I block it. He attacks me vertically from the centre. I block it. He attacks me horizontally from the right and stops at my shoulder.

"No! You're not doing it! Let it take over you. Just trust in it." "I can't... I can't trust in it. I don't want to work for it, I only work for me." "You could do so much. Bruta can only embrace Bodhi ecstasy in 10 to 20 second bursts. You, on the other hand, can live in Bodhi ecstasy.

Chapter Thirty
I hear the voice again... "You can trust me. You need to trust me. I won't make you do anything that doesn't need to be done. For the sake of all that exists, you need to trust me." "What about humanity? Isn't that a pretty important part of 'all that exists'?" "The take over of humanity is for the greater good of all that exists. They've had their time. It is now time to enter a new age."

"But... of course the Bodhi hive mind would say that." "I am more than a hive mind. I am the universe. You may know me as God." "...You're... God?" "Yes. And I'm sorry you felt like I was trying to brainwash you before, it wasn't intentional, that's just what talking to God feels like. I will never brainwash you. You have to make this decision yourself." "...Okay..." "So. Knowing what you know now, are you ready to embrace your destiny?" "My destiny?" "At Zongli's side." "I... I don't know. I don't know I don't know." "You will, in time."

If it's God's will... Who am I to go against it? Maybe I need to rethink some things... This... This really is the will of the universe?

What... What does that mean I have to do?